2019 Honda Crf 450l – Full Walk Around

Honda Crf 450l

This is the bike so many have been waiting for. The one serious riders have dreamed about. A true street-legal dirt bike, that offers the reliability and power of Honda’s best off-road machines introducing the new 2019 CRF450L. Sure, you’ve seen dual-sport bikes before, but this is something much, much more. A true trail-to-trail machine. Using the CRF450R moto-crosser as a base, Honda’s new dual-sport motorcycle has a tough, lightweight chassis, powered by an engine that delivers strong, usable power right from the bottom.

This, combined with the quality and durability found on every Honda, offers maximum enjoyment for the off-road rider, spending more time on the trails and less in the shop. The CRF450L is also fully street legal and street-ready. Being light is important in many areas of riding; however having weight in the right places makes all the difference. Moving as much weight as possible down, keeps the center of gravity low on the CRF450L, helping the rider navigate the toughest of terrain. A 449cc Unicam engine powers this bike. Truly noticeable power and torque from the bottom up allows the rider to experience all of the rear-wheel grip possible, matter what the terrain. The 450L utilizes an all-new piston design, with 3 rings instead of 2 for increased durability. Combining the best of single and double-over-cam designs allows for a high compression ratio of 12.0:1. All together this compact Unicam engine along with Honda’s famous center-of-mass engineering keeps the center of gravity low for a lighter feel and better handling.

A newly revised, dedicated valve timing helps to produce a broader, smoother spread of power and torque, essential in more technical off-road riding and a top gear that’s tall enough for riding on the highway to get to your next trail. The Inertia-tuned crank has been redesigned to have more inertia than the CRF450R, to smooth out the power in lower rpms for flexible power delivery in technical terrain. The coolant recovery tank is strategically located in front of the engine for improved center of mass. The twin-spar aluminum frame is both light and stiff, providing the basis for the 450L’s excellent handling. Up front, the 49mm Showa forks feature dedicated settings for trail riding. The rear Pro-Link Showa single shock features adjustable settings and link ratio for off-road riding allowing you to set the suspension to match your riding conditions. The front brake also uses the design from the CRF450R, but with better fade resistance thanks to thicker discs and a large-capacity reservoir. Both the front and rear sprockets, are made with durable steel material, and feature a damper system for smooth, quiet running. At first glance, some may have a hard time spotting the differences between Honda factory MX bikes and the new 450L. The “L” looks like Honda MX bikes because it’s derived from them—featuring durable, in-mold graphics that are resistant to peeling and black Renthal handlebar and red pad.

Another important trial-friendly feature is the inclusion of a cut-off valve in the fuel tank cap to prevent fuel from flowing out of tank if the bike ends up on its side. This lightweight, 7.6 litre all titanium tank is perfect for those long-range rides. Riding time is maximized with the lightweight, compact LED lighting system. The headlight will light up the road, or the trail, with high-intensity projection for illuminating a broad area. The LED turn signals use flexible mounts for added durability. Around the back, a compact and rigid LED taillight integrates into the rear fender. All the lighting and electrical components are powered by a lightweight, high-capacity, lithium-ion battery. Both front and rear wheels feature enduro spec DOT tires, perfect for both off-road traction and on-road life span, and are complimented with these sharp looking black DID rims. So when the trails are calling, the all-new CRF450L answers, expanding your off-road possibilities by giving you access to the best riding trails, even when that means connecting to them with asphalt roads. With the CRF450L, you truly get the best of both worlds.


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